The Artwork of
Evan Maxwell


Brief Resume and Artist Statement

Artist Statement / Purpose

The main goal of my work is to capture a moment in time. Using strong drawing and design elements (colour, contrast and composition), the idea is to engage the audience, in the work; in the moment I am trying to create. I use a traditional glazing technique in which the under-painting is built up in a series of transparent glazes; the desired goal being to produce a vivid portrait. Another motivation I have in mind when creating my work is to simplify. I purposely leave things out of the background and even simplified shapes and details in order to create the feeling I am after.

...and He filled them with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts - to make artistic designs...and gave them the ability to teach others (Ex. 35). As I see it, my purpose as an artist is a simple one: to take any ability I have been given and use it, and then share what I've gained with others. Art can open our eyes & ears and hopefully our hearts to the world around us. It provokes, stimulates, inspires; it's the child that stands and says, "Look at me, see what I can do!" E.M.

Selected Biography

Evan Maxwell is a multi-faceted artist that works and moves freely within a number of mediums. Evan graduated in Fine Arts and Design Majoring in Ceramic Sculpture. He developed strong drawing and design skills when he was a very young boy, and this discipline was carried forward into the bodies of work he now creates. He has received academic awards and teaches various painting and drawing techniques to all ages. His original, paintings, portraits, illustrations and also his prints have been sold across Canada and the States to various collectors and his work has been published in books, newspapers (Chronicle Herald) and various magazines (East Coast Living Magazine Winter 2009/2010). He shows his work in the Maritime Provinces where he now lives and also has had various showings in Ontario Galleries (Collingwood / Barrie and Georgian Bay Area). His work is realistic with a certain surrealistic quality.


Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, (Art Sales and Rentals), (Currently Showing)
Frame Express Halifax
Visual Arts Nova Scotia Gallery
Wellington Walls Gallery, (Currently Showing)
Zwickers Art Gallery (Currently Showing)
Georgian Bay Ontario Various Shows and Galleries

Art Education

Georgian College - Fine Arts and Design 1982-1985